Thursday, December 11, 2008

Live in Montreal -Duran Duran - RCM

Yesterday was one of those days that just went by too fast. First thing I remember is Stephanie and I were driving up 89 in a snow squall and the last thing was crashing hard on the bed in the hotel. All the rest rest feels like it went by at 100 miles an hour. I really want to write it all down in great detail, but at this point I am so tired. I think it is going to have to wait. So, for now, I will leave you with pictures from the show- Which opened with ( of all things) Wendy Carlos, opening title music from a Clockwork Orange. DD played all the hits and a few songs from the new record, Red Carpet Massacre. I wished they would have played a few more of the newer #'s and less of the old hits. I guess I've seen these guys enough times, that I really don't need to hear, Please, please tell me now, the reflex, view to a kill or save a prayer, live, ever again.

Set List:
The Valley
Planet Earth
Hungry like the Wolf
I Don’t Want Your Love
Save a Prayer
A View To A Kill
Falling Down
Come Undone
Ordinary World
Is There Something I Should Know
White Lines
Wild Boys
Girls on Film

I think White Lines and Sunrise where perhaps the best songs they performed. The band really started to connect in the 2nd half of the show and were really rocking by that point.

And Oh Yeah, I forgot to mention, with the help from a few industry friends, Stephanie and I got to meet the guys before the whole thing started. That in itself, was pretty fantastic. I got a sweet little kiss from John and Roger- Simon, had a cold coming on, so there was no kissing him!


Blackfeatherfarm said...

Come Undone, one of my favorite songs !

Artsnark said...

Sounds like a blast!

Kim said...

How fun and congrats on those kisses ! :)