Friday, August 9, 2013

Can I Carry the Weight of the Story?

Back from a very long hiatus.... 

(my apologies... life has gotten in the way of my blog, I'm sorry....)

this is what's new in the studio.........

I have been busy with this new project. Yes... I have been cementing books. Literarily, taking old, discarded books from the dump and dipping them in cement. (Ok, and other stuff. I can't tell you all my secrets. Right?) This project was prompted by a call for work by the curator at Artistree Gallery in Woodstock, VT. There are about 25 of these books are on display in the Books Unbound III show.  I think I may have totally blown Adrian's mind at this point.  I Have the feeling that he really didn't know what to make of them when I dropped them off a few weeks ago.

These books are definitely "unbound" and completely outside of what people consider as "book arts." At this point, I have plunged head first into sculpture, without really thinking about it.

So, after a great response to these books in the gallery and at my 3rd semester residency at VCFA, where I showed an additional 50 piled directly on the floor, I am preparing to continue the cementing process. It is a process that is meditative and restorative, completely pared down and simplified compared to anything that I have done in the past. There will be more of this to come... I promise you. 

So, now that I am home, back from my 10 day intensive at VCFA. Completely critiqued and ready to move forward.  

Another semester has officially started and the text books and reading assignments have started to pile in.  Wait to you hear all about what I am writing about this semester.

Hopefully, readers you are still there and willing to hear all about the research I will be doing this term. And, of course I will keep you updated on all the art... as it is being made. Successes and failures.

I leave you with a link to video, that I just finished edited last week. It's called, Dreamwalking.  This is the result of my husband gifting me a new computer and a FLIP camera. Hmmm... and to come completely transparent, most of the editing happened while I was sick in bed with a 101 degree temperature. 

Keep creating and stay true to yourself.
Yours in art!