Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Here comes 2009

I spent most of the day, not being very festive, sorry to say. I guess I won't ever be one of those huge New Years Revelers. Not one of those people who goes out to downtown Burlington to celebrate First Night (and freeze.)  There are probably a gazillion reasons why I don't get all hyped up and I could starting naming them, if I stopped to analyze the thing, but I won't. 

I have started to right down my HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS. More about that when I get them all worked out. These are my personal and professional goals. Ones that push the limit. Have you ever set a H.A.G for yourself and it actually come to fruition? If so, that's fantastic! If not, don't stop trying to get there.  Anything is possible.  You just have to  imagine it. There's the Vermont Coaching Center showing it's brainwashing techniques on me again....
Ok- so it may not have been a festive day- but it was a productive one.
1-I did a little damage at the Christmas Tree Shoppe. I don't shop there often, but some things they sell are super cheap! I picked up a lamp shade for $2! That's a bargain.  
2-Did the food shopping, New Year's Days is our traditional Mexican feast.  I'm making flan! YUM! 
3-Got Henry his season pass for Bolton Mountain. ( we love Bolton! )
4-Took care of some other mundane paperwork
5-Cleaned the kitchen 
6- Unpacked more of the studio (it has been in boxes since we moved) I've created quite the purge pile- I will have to have a BIG destash sale on etsy!  Maybe a few giveaways too.
7-Played ball with the dog
8-Read to my children
9-finished a bunch of ACEOs.... and here they are. They all have a little heart. Something I am trying to work into my life for 2009- Trying to open my heart a little more, let it grow wings and soar. 
I also treated myself to a wonderful trade with a great Etsy artist friend Kim Geiser aka Persimmon Gal. She created this beautiful 10"x10"mixed media painting that I just fell in love with. 
She traded me for the Gypsy Heart Shoe Assemblage.  It's my latest piece of inspiration.
So I will leave you tonight with that:
Follow your heart, you'll love where it takes you!!!! 
Happy New Year! May blessings be with you.


SassySashadoxie said...

Love the art. I don't get drunk and party on new year's eve either. It is usually quiet night at home or playing cards with the neighbors. This year quiet night at home. Happy new Year to you.

Jodi Ohl said...

I love your acronym--HAG! lol I've thought a lot about what I want my HAGS to be but haven't sat down and write them all out. I think your desire to put more heart into things is a great theme for 2009. I think we all could benefit from doing more of that.

Love the ACEO's--my favorite is the Mistress Fair. The image you chose is perfect. :)

Happy New Year!

High Desert Diva said...

"Trying to open my heart a little more, let it grow wings and soar."


Happy New Year!

Alisa Nordholt-Dean said...

I don't typically make resolutions on for new years, but maybe this year I'll sit down and write up a few goals for myself. Maybe if I had something to focus on I wouldn't feel so scattered all the time...or maybe it's having small children that make me feel so

I love your new aceos! And Kim's piece is so pretty...I'm sure it will bring you much inspiration in 2009.

Happy New Year!

pinkglitterfae said...

great ACEOs! Wow, you have been very productive, I can't believe all the stuff you got done in one day, and had time to blog about it!
Happy New Year!

Kim said...

Love your ACEO's!!! They are fantastic. Thanks so much for blogging about my painting I am so happy you like it! I love love love my little shoe and it will hang on my inspiration wall of art from all my talented friends!

Happy New Year Friend!