Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My birthday has come and gone, I am now another year older. Having a birthday, especially so close to New Years, has always made me contemplate what I have accomplished, the successes and joys of the year and well as the shortcomings and projects left unfinished.
Lately I have been thinking about inspir
ation. Where does it come from, how does it affect the art I produce, the choices I make.

I've been reflecting back on the people who's influence in my life, who's tracks have crossed my, who's creativity has inspired me. There are so many people, who have touched my life, but as an exercise, I created a list of the 41 most influential women who have effected my life to this point. Some extraordinary souls, who probably have no idea how or why they have touched my being, but they have.

So to to salute them, I give you my 41 most influential women, in no particular order, with out weigh or judgement. These women have all had a huge impact on who I am today, 1 week after my 41st birthday.
  1. My mother, Ellen
  2. My sister, Christine
  3. My Aunt Debbie
  4. My Great Aunt Flo
  5. Heather Brush
  6. Jennifer Bailey
  7. Christine Van Goethmend
  8. Marianne Lust
  9. tarin chaplin
  10. Sue Quinn
  11. Audrey Chasse
  12. Tori Amos
  13. Kate Bush
  14. Frida Kahlo
  15. Isadora Duncan
  16. Martha Graham
  17. Sarah Normandin
  18. Angela Brande
  19. Adrienne Cochrane
  20. Barbara Lucchesse
  21. Angelic Perret
  22. Jodi Ohl
  23. Alice Hoffman
  24. Judy Wilkenfeld
  25. Suzanne Buckner
  26. Dana Scully
  27. Amy Magyer
  28. Gail Braverman
  29. Margaret Atwood
  30. Angela Fung
  31. Suzanne Vega
  32. Ellen Graft
  33. Nancy Stone
  34. Molly Sheehan
  35. Laura Oliver
  36. Hillary Clinton
  37. Tammy Hetrick
  38. Julia Child
  39. Sylvia Plath
  40. Betsy Johnson
  41. The Women of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory
I am grateful for the joy and inspiration you have given
me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.