Monday, March 31, 2008

Bonnie & Clyde

This came from a lot of old pix that I got on ebay- bonnie is going to be in a new collage i'm working on... clyde, i'm not so sure... maybe i will do one about him too.  this new series that i'm doing incorporating some of the mythical archetypes: i remember you - is the protector-hero-(reluctant) warrior, bonnie will become one of the get the picture... stay tuned....

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Books, Boxes, Blending makes for a Busy Morning

Finished the WIP- "I remember you"- this morning- Very happy with this:
Definitely going to enter this in the SPA show in April-
Worked on pages for my visual journal

Finished up two new boxes- need to take better pix for Etsy...
and in last stages of the AB for the RR - Women of Courage
It needs embellishment, blending and text- not sure about the sign in page- if it should be tags or not- need to come up with something that goes into that pocket.

I've decided to keep the Joan of Arc idea - that project is moving along nicely- I do have to put in the mail next week

i remember you- WIP

it's 12:32am and i'm just finishing up for the night- this collage, my latest WIP- "i remember you"
7" by 10" is mounted on the cover of an old book. i've used a photo copy of one of the cabinet photos i bought earlier in the year. the tear of the state troopers is from an old national geographic.  the man is a figure that has been haunting me for a while. i knew i needed to us him- and all the other pieces that are in the collage- strangely assembled themselves on the work table.  

it still needs some blending and added color/texture. an embellishment or two. and a hanger on the back?  or set into a larger frame.

i've got a series of larger pieces in my head. this is the first of a set group.  more to come in the weeks ahead- i'm sure.  laura tells me that nectar's has a new art space and they would be interested in hanging my work- plus there is the SPA show deadline coming up.

this one was guided my something other than my conscious mind.  it was a little spooky in the studio tonight. enough with the ghost stories... time for bed.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

UFOs and rusty treasure

These are two new cards I made for a UFO challenge with some other ETSY artists.
The idea is to take some of your un-finished originals (and Oopps!)  and send them to someone else to finish.
I received a envelope of Jennifer Price Davis ( aka  and sent an envelope of my stuff to : Linda Donnelly (aka LDphotography)
This is what I created from Jennifer's UFO stash:
Also- sorted through all the garage junk I got from a fellow freecycler:
I pulled this treasure from three boxes of stuff she had in her garage.
Now, I need to find a way to get rid the stuff I can't use.... any one need rubber tubing????

Friday, March 28, 2008


Coaching this AM led to this:

for me.....

Trying to see the light at the end of the dark night....

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Careless Memories

Heather sent me a pile of old pictures for me to upload for the reunion book- two immediately caught my eye and just had to play around with them in photo shop-
i'm working on a banner and avatar for the vintage etsy shop that i'm launching later in the spring- Careless Memories- 
this won't be my banner- it definitely visualizes how i feel today...
maybe i just need to get more sleep..

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Marry Me? and Martha

Had a productive day in the studio yesterday.
Hopefully today will be just as good, although I do have to bake a desert and make a side dish for Easter Dinner.  And clean the house, oi! Looks like a Bomb went off here.

Here's the ACEOS that I finished.

I'm going to make print of these for sure.

I have another altered altoid box to photograph-Silence Keeping. That should be done later this morning.  I'll get them all up on Etsy later today.

Been putting together fabric scraps bags to sell too, listed some of those. 

And another Collage Artist Dream Pack- that sold overnight, 
I have three more to photograph today. They go fast!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Women of Courage Round Robin

I'm in my first AB round robin. I've made many altered books, but never done the round robin thing. I'm swapping with 8 other women across the country, over the course of about six months. The theme is Women of Courage, which is really what sucked me into doing it. Strong women, the archetypal feminine is something I am intrigued by, so I signed up as soon as I heard about it. But then it sank in, I didn't have a book in the studio that I wanted to work with and I really had no idea where I wanted to go with it.

I've already got two other AB's going and a visual journal-I've been investing a lot of time to ACEOS/atcs and shrines on Etsy. What was I thinking??? Do I really need one more project going? The answer is YES.

I was at the junk shop in Jonesville today and I found the perfect book- and now I am PUMPED to work on this project. I think it was teach me a lot about the process and help me contact with other artist in my field, so I'm sticking with it!

The book I found is called the Dark Wood, the art on the cover instantly reminded me of a Joan of Arc layout that I did in one of my first books. I was also taken in by the art on the inside cover.
It reminds me of Joan hearing the voice of the angels...The whole Joan of Arc, burning at the stake, witch burning thing hits home for me-I did a whole series of very large collaged canvases on the subject- (I should scan and post the photos that I have) and took a course in college about midwifery and the witch burning craze. So that's my starting point for this AB. Let's see where it takes me...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Trio of Gift Cards Pretty Please

lots going on: 1) busy listing on Etsy these days. among new things: a trio of tags are new on etsy- i like these girls- they have whimsical type: pretty, who are you, please.  clipping from an old child's reader. i also put together fabric scrap lots, and list the box of questions
2) i've been thinking about the ghost book in the car and i think it will tie into trees, family trees, roots, twisted old rose bushes, leaves.  i know what i want to do for the cover - that's always a step in the right direction....
3) I'm in an AB round robin. never done this type of thing before- the theme is women of courage. i'm having a hard time finding a book. i need to get to recycle north and look through their stuff tomorrow- cross your fingers
4) did two ATC trades for originals in my shop:  got two from Whimsy today. Wrenray has a great shop on etsy:
5) be looking for embellishment lots on ebay- especially for watch parts - stephanie and i are going to do a joint venture in crafty soon....

now i'm off to finish up gyspy- get a few sheets painted in my visual journal and start in on the reunion book....

Monday, March 10, 2008

busy weekend-Gyspy (WIP) & New Cards

been working on etsy stuff all weekend
got into an aceo/atc trade with some of the great gals in the forum, can't wait to get my goodies

sorted tons and tons of scrap fabric to list as lots - already have one person in line for the purple batch, which just might be one of my faves

finished a batch of tags, will probably list one or two sacks on etsy and bring the rest over to the tiny acorn

and started this new project that has been incubating in me for a bit... it's in a tiny slipper that i found a few summers ago, she's almost done, needs embellishment and for the glue to dry:

she's call my gypsy'll have to wait to see the pix- the mac is being, well difficult....

Saturday, March 8, 2008

collage dream pack

part of the studio destash- is cleaning up and getting rid of materials that i'm just not using
i've been assembling collage artist dream packs and selling them on etsy. they are great selections of old paper, photos, fabric, etc.... 
time to go down to the studio and clean up the bags and bags of fabric scraps...
there is way too much fabric in my studio....

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Transfering Over

In the next week weeks I will be reorganizing my internet life:

My Mixed Media life: craft fairs, gallery, shows, zne, book arts, etsy, etc will be the main thrust of this blog.

My Vintage Life: Careless Memories: my new etsy shop devoted to vintage clothing, will also be included here, until I get that completely up and running

My other life: family, friends, travel, mystical experiences will be the focus of Between the Worlds.

So that said:

here's some new ACEO's that I am posting on Esty in the next few days

I've also got a Collage Dream Pack and some new altered tins in the works

stay tuned