Monday, April 30, 2012

Where the magic happens (for now)

 Not quite "Where Women Create" but it's my studio. The Spring Cleaning Bug has bitten me, so every room in the house is getting a little re-vamping. Hopefully, I won't run out of energy before I get downstairs. I think the studio needs a breath of fresh air. It definitely could use some organization!

I am proud to report that my boxes from Artfest unpacked and there are a few new projects on my work table.
But right now, I have to prepare my mid-term paperwork, so I'm off and running!
Have a creative week!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Studio Assistant

I've been cranking away in the studio the last two weeks since I have been home from China. So busy in fact that I have needed an assistant to help me get some things done. He's been doing a fantastic job of guarding the sewing basket and keeping all the hearts I have been making warm.

The hearts are part of my studio project for school. I have to shoot a bunch of work this weekend. So maybe I will share with you a little of what I have been working on. The art that I have been making for my MFA program feels (at least to me) very different from what  show, sell and teach in the main stream. That's good, right? Doing some stretching. We all need to be challenged from time to time. So that said, I have to get back to work. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Artfest 12. Thanks for the memories

This trip is going to be a whirlwind. Just wrapped up five wonderful days @ Artfest and now I headed to Shanghai for my day job. (Yes, Shanghai, that will be another post, I promise.)  The trip to Port Townsend, via Seattle was amazing. The experience of ARTFEST is something I will never forget. I wanted to thank all my students who gave it their all in the class room last week. They all made AMAZING work! And I am so proud of them.

If you have never been to Artfest, it is an annual art retreat held at an old fort in Port Townsend, WA. Set right on the ocean and full of history, has served as home base for this event for 13 years. Sadly, this year is the last year that Artfest will be held. A bittersweet experience for me, as it was the first time I had ever attended.

In consideration of  time: I am writing from gate 102 at the San Francisco International Airport; patiently waiting for my flight to board. I'll wrap up and share share some photos of the trip. There would have been more, but the camera has been acting up lately.