Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Build a little bird house in your soul

I had an amazing weekend. On top of some crazy weather and record snow fall. I spent a  rainy Saturday @ Artists' Medium creating Birdhouse Shrines with four amazing ladies. All the students in my class really stepped it up and produced beautiful work. To listen to them at the end of the class, talking about their 6 hour artistic journey and beaming in delight over their work was so rewarding.
Artists' Medium is locally owned and operated art supply store here in Williston, Vt. The shop employees are very supportive of my work. They work hard to get the word out and promote the class.  I really appreciate the opportunity to interface with the community this way. It's such a gift! Thanks, Chelsea and Kristen!
They've had me in the shop to do demos and teach other classes. Each time has been a memorable experience. This time was no exception.I really love teaching there. I always leave inspired and pumped about the creative process. Kristen and I are talking about scheduling  an altered books class. I haven't taught that in a while, so should be great fun!

Thanks ladies for your terrific work! You all did wonderful things! Stay creative, trust your instincts and don't forget to glue and screw.
Don't live in VT. Don't worry. I will be teaching at Art-Is-You, East Coast Art Retreat, this Fall. Check out their website for more info....


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

and the winner is....

Thanks everyone for their comments and link. A little guerrilla marketing goes along way. With your help, my classes should be completely full. 

Sorry for the delay on posting... life got in the way of me picking a winner for the soon to be finished bird house assemblage.

Thank you, Jess for pulling this name at random....

Pamela Tomerlin
congrats!!!  you're assemblage will be in the mail soon!

Didn't win??? Don't fret. April will be bringing another fantastic art giveaway. So, stayed tune!!

Thanks again, everyone! Have a creative day!