Friday, August 29, 2008

South End Art Hop

Next weekend, Saturday 5th and 6th is the South End Art Hop.  I have had the honor and pleasure to work on a committee with a few other co-workers at Burton to put together the first ever Burton Employee Art show in conjunction with the Art Hop.

Tomorrow, I will be starting to hang the art that my colleague have entered into the exhibit-
It is amazing to me that I work with so many creative and talented individuals. People you never thought created art are entering their work in to show/

What's the South End ART HOP? It is probably on of the most attended visual arts events on the state of Vermont. Sponsored and produced by the South End Arts and Business Association in Burlington, this yearly event showcases some of the best known artists in the state as well as many emerging arts from the Burlington area.  It's been a real pleasure helping to put this together. Burton is going to be one of the many stops on the Art Hop map. Our offices happen to be at the southern most part of Burlington which make us a great starting off point on Friday for all the revelers who travel from one art opening/show to another, enjoying live music, good food and drinks, and taking in all the art.

I will post more info and details as we get closer to the actual opening.  On the same night- the Book Arts Guild has a show at the Firehouse Gallery downtown Burlington. So, I will be "hopping" from one venue to the other.  Should be a very interesting week! Off to finish my books for the Book Arts show... nighty night!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Parts is parts

Inspired by my favorite assemblage artiste, Michael de Meng, I got me an old black typewriter at a yard sale a few weeks ago.

Jack and I took it apart a few nights ago. He was very helpful with the stubborn screws. And we did not break out the dremel, which was pretty cool. Just lots of elbow grease and soap to clean up very black hands at the end of four hours disassembly. Now- it's in pieces waiting to be transformed into new works.

I've actually used a few little pieces in a work that I am finishing for the Book Arts Guild show that opens in a week and a 1/2.

Some fantastic news, the little shop/gallery in Brooklyn, who is sell my work, is going to feature my art with another collage artist in October- They are having a Halloween show. I guess my ghostly melacholy is just right for that promotion.

Urban Alchemist is having a little soiree this weekend:
AMAZING CIRCUS KEG PARTY & BBQ!Saturday, AUG 30, 6-10PM343 5th ST (btwn 5th & 6th Ave)Park Slope, BrooklynFeaturing:- JARED THE CONJURER- BIRDIE THE FORTUNE TELLER- AND MANY MORE FREAKS!.....Prize for Best Costume!!!
WOwsers! I wish I could be there for the festivities!!!
Ok- Now I have to get some work done.... gotta run....

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Women of Courage- Chris's Book

Chris's book had a very light feel- the existing pages had flowers printed on them- I wanted to keep the lightness- so this spread is a little bit of a departure for me as it's brighter- no rusty elements- i kept the envelope that was on the page- slipped into it the Ayn Rand quote and sealed it with wax. Chris will have a little surprise inside when she receives her book.
the swap is almost done- three more rounds to go. 
off to work on some other projects for the Book Arts guild show that opens at the beginning of September -i've got to get cracking!!