Monday, June 29, 2009

Work in Progress- Harvest Home at a stand still

When I do art shows or classes, people always ask me about my process. They are curious about where my ideas come from and how I go about making my art. In the past I have written many a blog post about where the spark comes from, how I get from point A to point B.

Today, Day 1 of my staycation, I am stuck some where in between the A and the B. I started this project,Harvest Home, several months ago, when I got it in my head that I wanted to college on canvas, which is something I have never done before. I was all gung-ho when I started- but after about three hours in, I gave up. It stopped "speaking to me." I wonder how many of my other artist friends have abandoned art sitting/hanging in their studio.

I decided last week that I was ready to finish Harvest Home. This poor piece. Maybe I should have started smaller? Three canvases that tie together is proving very challenging. I also don't like shininess of the gel medium transfers. On this large scale, the have stretched a little and the ripples are catching the light in unwanted places. And the texture and color balance is not quite where I want it to be. I am grappling with the idea of adding a layer of paint to it, maybe do some peeling paint. None of the found objects are secured down yet, so I can do that.

The piece is sitting on the living floor- waiting for me to do something with it. I am taking a break from it, hoping that inspiration will come flooding in. Maybe the best thing is to start all over again. Thoughts? words of advice? consolation? any feedback is welcome....

Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Fun- Nook and Cranny Gifts

Recently, Minyele Glogowski asked me if I would consign my work in the shop that she operates with her mom in Isle La Motte, Vt. "The Islands", is one of VT most underrated places. A slower, more quiet side of the state, this cluster of islands that links together by bridges and causeway is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes.

Tucked away in a cabin on the northern most island on Vermont’s Lake Champlain, is Minyele's and her mom's shop: Nook & Cranny Gift Shop in Isle LaMotte. Their great love for art's and crafts transformed into a seasonal family business in June 2007. They also sell some of their creations on Etsy and at local craft shows. I was thrilled when they asked me if I wanted to sell my wares in their establishment.

Nook & Cranny is a little bit of everything from country, folk and primitive to vintage, Victorian and cottage. The shop itself is homage to everything they love. Their approach is uniquely different to much of the fast pace world around us, but very in keeping with the relaxed atmosphere of Isle LaMotte. With a slogan of "Bringing back Old Vermont", they try to offer items at are make from recycled materials, handmade gifts and vintage treasures.

This is their third season in business and this year will prove to be exciting for just up the road is where Samuel D Champlain landed in 1609 just 400 years ago, next month.

Isle La Motte celebrates Champlain 400. The Island towns will be busy with all sorts of things to do to celebrate this milestone

If you get a chance to check out their shop at 467 West Shore Road in Isle La Motte. They are open Saturdays 11:00-4:00 p.m. and Sundays 10:00-4:00 p.m.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

treasure hunt

One of the BEST things about the summer is treasure hunting. Looking for goodies to use in my art: Old paper, rusty things, stuff to harvest for parts. One never knows what one will find, another man's trash is another man's treasure and I never pass by a "free" pile without the obligatory dig.

Usually, I have at least one kid in tow, a picnic lunch packed and good tunes in the car. If i am lucky I find an estate sale, church rummage sale or neighborhood yard sales those are almost always the best for underrated junk at super low prices. I steer away from the burbs, where people don't know how to price things for yards sales and want $10 for an old Bee Gees LP. When there's nothing to be found yard saling there is always the waterbury flea market, open saturdays and sunday through out the summer. Jackson and I did some treasure hunting on Saturday and I have been delayed in posting our finds. We spent all of $10 that day, and I think we even got creamies. How about that for a cheap date.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Saturday's post brought my advance copy of Somerset Studio, full of all sorts of wonderful media media and collage art, including two pieces by your's truly! This is the first time I have been published in a national magazine. I am super excited! The theme of this edition was "Sisters." I sent in my Sisters of Mercy and Waiting to Grow assemblages. I found out they were selected a few months ago, but it finally hit home when the magazine arrived in my mailbox.

I also want to give a shout out to some of my Etsy artists friends, Nancy Lefko, Chrysti Hydeck, Alisa Nordholt-Dean, Glenda Bailey, Jodi Ohl, Kathi Maximo, and Pam Carriker who were also featured in the magazine this month!

Congrats, ladies on your article! And thank you Jenny Doh and the editors of Somerset Studio for featuring my work!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Assembling a box full of dreams

My altered book class at Artists Medium in April was such a great success that they have asked me to teach a workshop in assemblage. I will be teaching "Box full of dreams: Assemblage Art Workshop" on Saturday, June 20th. Class is from 10:30 to 4:30 and only $40. The gals at Artist's Medium tell me that there are a few spots left. You must pre-register. Call 802-870-1236 or 1-800-255-1290 to sign up.

This is a great opportunity to use the found objects you have been collecting to create a unique work of art that speaks from you heart.

What should you bring to the class?

1-A box structure to use a base: Any box, wood or metal would work. Limit yourself to about 12"x12". You can buy pre-made shadow box type box, that are about 2" deep at Artist Medium or other art supply outlets or use something that you already own, like an old candy tin or cigar box. Anything goes- as long as it is something you are willing to drill into and paint.

2-Images: You can purchase all sorts of copyright free images to download and print off the internet at sites like Etsy, and
You can download them and print them with on a good quality copier. You can use vintage ephemera and photos you find at flea markets and antique stores. Use the originals or make copies. You can take your old photos to copy shops and turn them into transparencies to use in your piece. Transparencies are a great way to a depth to your work. Some transparencies will be available for purchase at the class.

3:Found Objects: My favorite things to use are rusty things, scraps of fabric and trim, old clock parts, pieces of frames, parts of toys, dolls. You can use bits of old jewelry, charms, tiny bottles. How about mesh, screen, wire or string? Or maybe organic pieces, like dried seed pods, driftwood, shells. You can use anything you can think of to embellish your work. Think outside the box, and bring things that inspire you.

4:Paint: Acrylic paints add depth and help to blend the objects together. My favorites, are Van Dyke Brown,
Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold, TitaniumWhite, Mars Black, Quinacridone Crimson, Yellow Ocher and Payne's Gray. I also like to use a crackle resist- I will have a little of this at the class to try.

5. Adhesives: Matte Gel Medium, Heavy Duty Glue like E600 or Liquid Nails

6.Your imagination. And Dreams… We will work on creating a visual story of your own dreams or personal myth. So start thinking about what inspires you. But don't stress the small stuff- your story will come to you. (I promise)

7. Misc tools like pliers, wire cutters, heat gun, etc. if you have and want to bring.

if you have any other questions- please feel free to email me....