Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: A diamond in the mind

What was...
oh so many challenges, changes, surprises and happy accidents
Left with the MEMORIES of all that….

A slow start
Tubing @ Mt Snow

Thinking of Grad School

Hong Kong

Applying to Grad School
Artist as Entrepreneur

Taiwan, Taipei 101, being in 2 places at once

Carlos Santana

Hong Kong, again.

Let’s go Celtics, let’s go! 20 year reunion with Joe Strummer (for a day.)

Spring time in NY, snowboarders on long island, museums in NYC
Judgement Day

Foggy boat ride with Capt’n Steve-o and the Twisted Ankle, Hanging with 40 year old band geeks: Heather and her beautiful daughters, Nurse Brown, Eduardo & the Mrs., Girl talk with Becki. We missed you, Mike.

Cloth Paper Scissor feature. I made this.

Accepted to Grad School! Can’t believe I’m doing this
Big Ideas, Small Books
Books Unbound: 100th anniversary of the Triangle shirtwaist fire and the honor of a juried prize.

20 years with Mr Jimmy. Where did the time go? We've only just begun.

Discovering Laurie Zuckerman
Queen City Craft
Sailors Valentines
Random acts of assemblage

postcards and banners
press kits, newletters and proposals
grant writing
twitter, facebook, pinterest

Eric Ford: DJ Lazy Eye comes to the rescue
Burlington Free Press
Seven days : I heart u!

the road
night work

year of the flood

olive kitteredge

memory keepers daughter

way of seeing

walking dead, season 2

Art Is You
Focusing and finding, soundtrack to art, telling stories, wallpapering, glue it and screw it

Sal and Ellen, Sue Pelletier, Seth Apter, Richard Salley, Keith Lobue, Andrea Matus… and of course MDM...And how can I forget, finally meeting my BFF in real life: Jodi Ohl, our madcap adventures and sophisticated taste in wine. Fake it till you make it, baby.

Artists Medium, Altered Books, Lots and lots of gel medium, Van Dyke Brown, disparate objects, rusty things, bird houses with soul.

Dumpster diving, Goodwill hunting, Sal’s Army and Free-cycle

Craigs and a new Showroom
Proto room facelift
Transitions, exits and entrances
Softgoods baby boom
a Technical Design for The Program
Jake’s battle with cancer. Kevin’s return to snow.
Hurricane Irene
The Maine Vacation that didn’t happen
Lake Ontario Lake House

hop, hop, hopping... (another incredibly) successful Art Hop.
Heroes Dare
Litany against Fear
People’s Choice Award
much love to the folks at SEABA
solo shows, group exhibits
Represent Show
Art of Horror
More creepy doll art
Art by Mothers
Ghost Stories @ Black Cap
Sing to Me
(sometimes we make) Promises (we never mean to keep)
how we left the forest, part 1 and part 2
proportions of a man’s heart
sweetest flowers
gifts of a stranger
leave the light on

Making Strides

Muppet movie made me misty, why?

All You Need is Now: Miss A, Indian food, Neon Trees, Chewing Gum, Brits
Vintage Inspired Marketplace, congrats Mary! Thanks for everything!
Nightfires 2012: A Bear King and beautiful voices: 14 stunning costumes. Thank you Marianne, for gifting me with this.
Grant love from Vermont Counsel of the Arts.

Return to now…

everything she touches changes, everything she changes touches
we've got magic to do
hugs and thanks to you

what will be....
oh... so many things... like a diamond in the mind

Welcome 2012, I’m ready for you.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Little Altars for Peace

May the blessings of the season be with you and yours.
Wishing you PEACE and PROSPERITY in the year to come