Monday, March 12, 2012

Country Roads

I drove down to Hinesburg today to pick up a load of barn board for my latest project. 

I visited with Lee Findhold at her place down on Gilman Rd, Wicked Good Farm.  Lee makes wonderful yarn from the wool that she cultivates from her goats and llamas. She sells her hand dyed yarns and other farm goodies on Etsy.  I got meet all her little critters. She also had a huge pile of old barn boards that we loaded up into the back of my little Saab.
Gilman Rd is a quintessential Vermont back road lined with old farms, pastures and barns. Today was such a beautiful day, full of the promise of spring. Spring in Vermont means birds singing and mud. There's always lots of it on the back road. Some how I didn't get stuck in it.

I stopped at an old cemetery on the way back and was taken in by the old stone markers covered with moss. My sense of time and place shifted for those moments when all I could hear was the wind and the birds.

There is something about that stillness.

I got back in my car and drove home taking in the clear blue skies of this perfect Sunday afternoon.

When I got home, I unloaded all the wood. Lined them up against the shed and just stood there for a while with them. Listening to the wind and the birds in my own yard. The noise of the creek gurgling out back.

The world passes around us at it's own pace. Yet, there is a stillness we can cultivate here in Vermont. A sense of beauty that is seen in the rusty roof of an old barn or the joy that a flock of chickens can bring. The song of a robin, the song of the creek. There is something to a quiet Sunday afternoon that can re-charge your mind and set you right.

I hope you have had an equally inspiring day.