Sunday, October 3, 2010

What Remains - Opening Reception October 23rd

The few last month has been so productive for me. I feel like I have finally hit my slipstream and getting into the flow of it all. I am so blessed to be able to be moving forward this way, creating art almost everyday. Art that seems to touch people deeply and personally.

Now it is October. The leaves have started to fall and the days grow colder and shorter.Halloween is right around the corner and I am reminded that this is the time when many people believe that the veil between the living and the dead is  the thinnest.  We allow ourselves to be spooked and to think of ghostly things in this darkening time of the year.

So it is auspicious that I am a part of two very "haunting" shows. The The Art of Horror, which opened this  Friday, October 1. The reception, which was part of the Burlington Art Walk,  was simply terrific. I met so many wonderful people and had an amazing time! Thank you Beth, Kevin and Christy for putting together this event.


In just about 20 days, I will be hanging my own work at Seminary Arts in Waterbury Center.  The show is called, "What Remains" and is a collection of work from the past two years that deals with the essences, the aftereffects that are left behind, in and around the objects of our daily lives. The things that I pull together to create my art is "What remains." The stories I weave together are ghost stories, moments that are remembered if only in our dreams and vague recollections.

Whether it’s an old family photo or grandmother’s rocking chair, we’ve all felt the presence of someone long gone when we encounter their things - the imprint they leave behind after possessing an object for a long period of time. It may be just a fleeting memory, a faint electric impulse that jolts us into thinking, into feeling that person’s wordless presence, but it is there. The ghost of a person, left behind in the yellowed paper, the cracked leather, the worm-eaten wood…

By sifting through these disparate objects,  I have found the compatible bits and pieces of others’ lives and woven their faint and ancient energies together until they sing together in one voice. These new pieces not only speak to the sadness of these lost and forgotten things, but they remind us that their owners have been lost and forgotten as well.

And if them, what of us?

Join me on October 23rd as we celebrate the past and the future and where "when lingers" at Seminary Arts in the Center.  I will be posting more info about the show and the workshop I am going to be teaching on October 30th. Stay tuned....

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