Friday, October 22, 2010

What Remains -October 22 to November 20 - One woman show in Waterbury Center

I was able to take some pictures of the exhibition this afternoon as the sun was setting. The natural light the main room where my work is hanging is simply wonderful. The old seminary building is the perfect location for me to display my 1st ever solo show. I am so grateful to Mame for encouraging me to put this together and to my friends and family who have supported me and cheered me on through this process. I am overjoyed with how great the space looks. The photos don't do it justice. You will just have to swing by to take a peak.



Ann Russell said...

Just found your blog - your work is beautiful!

Marie-Aimée said...

just I love the houses !!

Artsnark said...

Looks fab! Wish I could pop by.