Sunday, December 27, 2009


i got some of my elements back! hooray!

i would still like your help to find some cool links for backgrounds, templates, etc.

recently, from a friend's recommendation, i found my latest blog addiction is The Vintage Moth. Abigail Mooney's site for free and vintage images for mixed media artists. she is a great resource for wonderful images. make sure to check out some of her site's sponsor's, too!

i would love to hear what you design blog favs are. send me your tips/ideas and inspiration sources for a design filled life and i will enter you in a drawing for a free gift, from my etsy shop. drawing will be held on 12/31. have a creative week!

looking forward to a bright new future in 2010.


Artsnark said...

Hey there. Love Vintage Moth! Wish I had some advice for you. Here's a couple of fun font & header sites:

& of course lots of fun free stuff over at deviant:

whyte said...

I love this link for backgrounds for digital art. I can't remember who posted it in the etsy forums, I'm thinking it was ArtSnark or twocooltexans, but I have gone here often for resources.

Lorraine, thanks for hosting the giveaway, I love your work, and hearing about your travels!

Elizabeth Johnson said...

I was going to suggest mayang but Pat already did that one. Here is another blog with lots of free information and images.

Brenda Lynn said...

Howdy Lorraine-

Well, since we can't get to Jamaica right now, we can visit just about anywhere we can imagine here:

(Right click and "save image as" to your desktop, then alter/print as you wish.)

Also, links to oodles of cool art freebies at this Squidoo page: