Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ahab's Wife

i've been reading ahab's wife, by sena jeter naslund. i am almost through this mammoth novel, which is probably as long as the original book the main character, una, is inspired from. i read moby dick, way back in high school english. at the time, i thought it was so dry and boring, i barely made it 3/4 of the way through the novel, when i gave up and was forced to read the cliff notes instead. so, with that history, it definitely wasn't the connection back to melville's grand work, that reeled me in.

what was interesting to me, was that i came across the book in a second hand shop
, a few days after i had sold, my piece, the sailor's valentine.being inspired by old sailing vessels, the ocean and that particular period of time, i decided to take it on my trip with me. its been an interesting read, and will probably not end up in the unfinished pile. but more over, it has drawn me closer to the themes that i had worked with over the summer. so i thought i would share some of the visual inspiration that i am collecting for some new work that is percolating in my brain.

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