Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sailor's Valentines Revisited

waiting for me
last week i was down on long island. every may i have this sort of homecoming. i go down to long island, ny to work with a crew of amazing snowboarders to get their feedback on the product we are developing for the upcoming season.often, i also have the opportunity to see some friends i have known for almost 20 years to go back to parts of the island where i grew up.

Monday night, i stood on the ocean, on the edge of the beach at twilight; the waves lapped at my feet. the ocean were calling me. if i did not have a company dinner waiting for me, i probably would have leaped into the water and  transformed into an undine.  i miss living where the land meets the water. i miss the ocean.  

close up: waiting for me
close up: waiting for me

waiting for me: close up
close up: waiting for me
maybe this is why today, i have been able to finish two new pieces inspired by sailor's valentines. "everthine" and "waiting for me." perhaps the salt is still on my skin and in my hair, i can still hear ocean calling me, all the way up here in the mountains. i can still feel the wind blowing through your hair. if you ever lived near the water you will know exactly how i feel. if not, perhaps my new sailor's valentines can evoke the sad melancholy the ocean brings to me....
ever thine

everthine: close up

everthine; close up
everthine: close up

everthine: close up


Artsnark said...

wonderful post & pieces! Thanks for sharing

Hopemore Studio said...

These are hauntingly beautiful. Thank you for sharing the inspiration. I know what you mean by missing the ocean, those feeling never really go away.

Gayle said...

I love these so much.........

cconz said...

I'm a big fan of sailor's valentines. After taking a long look at your versions of them, all i can say is WOW!!! very cool. I love your blog.