Sunday, May 15, 2011

Random acts of Assemblage

Yesterday, Jackson and I went down to Oakledge Park to gather up some driftwood for a new project I'm starting. The lake waters have been receding after being a flood levels for over a week. The side walks and beach were simply covered with tons and tons of driftwood and debris from the weeks of rain and snow melt. 

Needless to say we found some great wood to work into my next few assemblages. We also found that other visitors to the park had created their own art, assembled from driftwood and other objects found on the beach. Jack was inspired and he created his own impromptu sculpture.  We left the park with rain clouds and fog gathering on the edge of the lake. What an inspiring morning.

1 comment:

Nancy Stalzer said...

WOW, that is all I can say.

You're amazing, you create what I would if I were an artist.

Smiles, Nancy