Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Busy week

i've been busy working on art projects every night this week- it feels great to be so productive and moving things towards completion.

the doll shrines are coming together- the boxes are almost complete and i was busy tonight making some clothing for the dolls. tomorrow- i will finish with the sewing and assemble. tonight they are drying.

i also put another layer on to the collage on canvas that i've been working on: what remains. there are three canvases in this group that i am "salvaging" from a project that lost direction and steam. four month later, with many thanks to friends and fellow artists who helped me cut through the mental block, i am working on them again, with vigor. they still have a bit to go- but i am hoping to finish them Thursday night, i have a Friday deadline.

i have patti edmon to thank for her kind, but to the point crit of the old pieces. she helped me find focus. so thanks pat!

i promised myself i would try to get to sleep early tonight, so at 11:55, i bid you adieu. until we met again.


Artsnark said...

Looking fab!

Patti Edmon Artist said...

I have you to thank for the best-ever explanation of gel transfers! Now, please tell me what I said to deserve mention?!

pinkglitterfae said...

Wow, those pieces look wonderful! Is that a madonna shrine? I love it!

glimmering prize said...

patti this is what you said:
Blogger Patti said...

much of your work has a focal point and all three pieces have an abundance of visual, tactile interest, but my eye keeps scanning across the three panels. what about something that stands out in the center or an element that unites all three canvases - wire?
who am I to say?! That's not an 'educated' opinion, just an idea... I love your work!

your words really helped me to FOCUS in what was important. thanks!