Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New WIP- Sky Castle

Started this new piece on Monday- Strange, that I didn't quite know where I was going through it, till I started digging through my bin of stuff. The bin of stuff- I have three of them going right now- They are just filled with old photos, paper, epherma, scraps and do-dad's. I'm not an organized artist. My process is sort of an organic, connect the dots, discovered through treasure hunting and digging through piles of images.

Some times, I do know where I am going. The light bulb comes on. I have an a-ha moment. I visualize in my head the finished piece and the images I need to use in it. Somehow I know exactly which "bin of stuff" the image is. I do a little digging and pesto- there it is. Along with a bunch of other things that I didn't expect to find, but will inevitably use.But this weekend, I was not that way. I was sort of instant inspiration in the digging bins. I sat out on the screen porch, the sunlight working it's way in- the wind blowing as it does up here on the hill. And piece by piece, I put this spread together in a new altered book, Sky Castle.
The story is revealing itself to me, as one of two brothers. There is still more to the story for me to gleam from the process....


Artsnark said...

Very very cool. Looking great! Love the new banner too

PisforPaper said...

This is stunning!!
Love the new banner too;)


QueenBe said...

Your work always amazes me.... I love it all and this is no exception. C