Monday, June 16, 2008

WOC Round #3 Terry's Book

This weekend was very busy with Father's Day and my wedding anniversary. Was very productive in the art arena as well- I finished my Morpheus Box and will post more of that later. Started four new pieces - WIP pix will follow. Went to a great yard sale at the church down town Waterbury. Church yard sales are ALWAYS the best- next to town wide or block sales- I can always count on them for good scores.  Did some dumpster diving with Jack at the Moretown Landfill.  Found so great rusty stuff- went to the garden center for plants and potted them on the deck- and some how found time to finish Terry's book last night- shipping out later today to Linda- the residue of Michael's class still spilling in my work- even my AB's-
whew! that was a jammed packed weekend... the only thing we didn't do was go camping as Saturday night brought nasty thundstorms. maybe next weekend....


Patti Edmon Artist said...

Wow, more gorgeous work!! Our wedding anniversary was yesterday, so happy anniversary to you! I finished my morpheus box too, except for the feet - I think mine has been on the bench a while longer:) and I still have my book to finish. Will post photos when done.
Have an arty week!

Christy said...

love the images you have chosen. looks great and yea, a little Demang in there. Isn't the shape of Terry's book just fantastic?!