Saturday, June 7, 2008


a few weeks ago i picked up a four piece tray set at a yard sale for a quarter, knowing that i wanted to use the trays as frames for collage pieces the same way i did with the tiny cookie tins i did last year. so i started by painting the trays a lovely, distressing shade of the Uszhhh and went from there- They are almost all done- Jack and I are going to the flea market tomorrow morning to look for more frames to embellish with-
here's where i'm at now-
there are four multi-media wall pieces-4"x 8"
"the secret flame"
"woman becomes young"
"naughty alice"

"reward of merit"
naughty alice is almost completely finished- she needs just a little something in the lower right corner-
the rest need their embellishments
the secret flame will have a transparency overlay
very in love with the Uszhhh, thanks michael de meng for that fine paint recipe....


~*~Patty S said...

All of your collages are really super! Love that you used 'found' trays, they make an excellent canvas. You must be so pleased with your creations! MdeMeng is a wonderful teacher!

Bella said...

wonderful pieces my dear!

is naughy alice going to be on etsy?! love her!!

xo!! ~Bella
(from Creative Souls)

reagan said...

WOW! I absolutely love these! Awesome job!!!

John Dyhouse said...

Hi, just popped over from art-e-zine cafe. Wonderful creations on the blog and thank you for Michaels name, I have just googled and found a whole new world of art to explore.

Moniqui said...

They are absolutely stunning!

mary schweitzer said...

These are just wonderful! The framing of the pic is brilliant!