Sunday, November 11, 2012

Vanishing Vermont: More Wells Lamson Quarry

As promised here's some more of the photos from the quarry. There's one more group I have to go through, but hopefully I will be able to share with you soon.

These photograph really show how nature has slowly started to take back the landscape. Old machinery and building that were left behind when the quarry was abandoned in 1987 have started to rust and disintegrate. But INDUSTRY, has left his indelible mark on this hillside in it's quest to extract significant quantities of this much sought out natural resource. Nature will never be able to repair the gaping hole in this hillside. 
Some of the photos you can partially  see the how the landscape has been altered. (I will post more of these next week.) The chasm that has been carved here is awe-inspiring and breath-taking. Yet, I am reminded of the many lives of quarry workers that were lost to this pit and to this labor. A labor of extracting stone that would become strong buildings and memorials. 

Somehow, in the sereneness and solitude of this landscape, their is an unmarked and unspoken remembrance of their lives and struggles.

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