Sunday, August 26, 2012

Vanishing Vermont: BRUCE FARM

During the next 6 months I will be doing a considerable amount of research regarding ruins and abandoned building across the state of Vermont for my 2nd semester studio project. Last week, I visited a 150 acre dairy farm, here in Williston. The farm was originally a stage coach inn. The building was built around 1850, and I am not a architecture historian, I would place the style with its symmetrical, simple, but elegant lines as Georgian. It has a large attic, stone cellar, four bed-rooms upstairs, two parlors and a small kitchen. The house didn't have running water inside for a bathroom until about 2000. The old outhouse and wood shed are still connected to the rear of the building. 

Currently, the farm has a solitary inhabitant, Michael Bruce, who's family has own it since the early 1900s. I met with Mr. Bruce and he had some amazing stories to tell me about his family and their lives as dairy farmers. Its been a long run for the farm, but time and economics are taking their toll. Mr. Bruce has sold off all the heifers and the farm and the remaining buildings are on the market. I am grateful to him for the tour of the main building and the old dairy barn. 

As far as he knew, no one had ever seen or heard a ghost on the property. But, Mr Bruce said that if I was able to talk to his great-grandfather, I might have gotten a different story. 

I wanted to share a few of the processed shots with you. At the end of the project I will be exhibiting the photographs, with the hopes of compiling them all into a book about vanishing Vermont. I'm hoping as my readers you send me your feedback, comments and suggestions! 

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Seth said...

Tremendous photographs. I love the feeling of the black and whites. And what a great project you are taking on!

Art From The heart said...

Wonderful photo's. I to like the black& white.

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Great black and white photographs!