Sunday, July 8, 2012

Vermont: Inspiration

I have live here for almost 21 years, which is as long as I have live almost anywhere else. So, (although, the died-hard Vermonters will never say I am one) this is where I call home. Vermont feeds me so much history and INSPIRATION.... I am so glad to be here. I suppose, if I was still on Long Island, I would just be working for old CDV's of whaling captains and potato farmers....But I am not, so instead, I give you Vermont school children and gentlemen from eras passed.

At any rate... I have been working on two series at once. The first, prints on old book covers and the second, transfers onto barn board. Each process has had its challenges but has been incredibly rewarding. I'll share with so, some works in progress. I hope you enjoy the little stories Vermont has to offer....

Oh- PS.... I love being PINNED on pinterest... (its an honor and a joy)but please remember, these all my work is copyrighted and I retain rights to all the art/photographyon my blog. Please PIN responsibility and give credit where credit is due... thanks!

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Gayle said...

The ones on barn wood are amazing.
Imagine a fence!!