Sunday, November 14, 2010

Brush Strokes

There is something incredible about being able to witness the emergence of a butterfly from it's cocoon. The process is slow and full of anticipation. When the creature finally breaks free of it's shell that it is has transformed all it's cells and pure being into something complete different and awe-inspiring. Not that the caterpillar is not a beautiful thing. That stage of the insect's life is equally as important. But, I think it is the dramatic change into flight that is so compelling and remarkable to me.

I have had the unique opportunity to watch a similar transformation in a dear friend. She has pushed through huge life lessons to emerge transformed and inspired.  I have know Heather Brush since we were 15. She has always been a talented artist and writer to me.  Somehow, over the years, Circumstance obscured these parts of her being from her daily life. A few years ago, she stood at a crossroads without much of a road map and had to rely on her own sense of self, her own inner bearing to start the long road back her inner artist. She has finally arrived at her destination, emerged from the shell had created around her. And I am so proud of her achievement. She inspires me daily.

Heather lives outside Roanoke, Va with her two  kids. She was been busy the past few months creating a body of work to show in a new gallery: The Artisan Center along the Crooked Road. The gallery has yet to officially open, but yesterday, she sold her first piece! It is an amazing feeling, the first time someone hands you money for a work of art.  It's inspiring and empowering when some one recognizes your accomplishment in such a way. Congratulations Heather on your success!

Here's to bigger and better milestones!
Don't dream it, Be it!
Shake out those new wings and fly.

You can learn more about Heather and her beautiful mixed media works at:


Sweet Enemy said...

Nice tribute! I'll be sure to check her work out.

Anonymous said...

A beautifully inspirational story. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lorraine, my sister self, you made me cry! Thank you Love. For being my own inspiration, for being my best friend, for being my soul sister, for being my co-pilot, for being you.