Thursday, April 9, 2009

look for a new face and know-how

I'm making a huge push this year to develop a marketing strategy, clean up my branding (which means a major overhaul to my blog, shop banner, business cards and packaging) and get a little more savvy with the many tools available on the Internet for small businesses.

I have to take it on in little pieces, otherwise I will become completely overwhelmed. The task itself seems daunting to me. I haven't mapped out a marketing strategy since I was an undergrad in 1988. It's not like it is rocket science or brain surgery. But, it is work. Work that I need to find time and energy to do on top of my demanding day job, my familial obligations and my need for sleep.

I have joined Facebook. Originally, talked into this by an old high school friend, I have found that there is a huge DYI artist community on Facebook. Fan Pages help you market your product and promote your successes. Networking and connecting with people has it's advantages. I have been promoting my altered book classes on FB and it seems to have some tangible effects. Linkedin is another network that I am trying out. If anything, just to keep in touch with my professional connections.

Then there are the Google tools: Analytics and Webmaster tools- I have started both applications, but don't really know how to use either one. I probably should be using other tools but I have no idea what.

I have to get my marketing together which includes:
New Banner
New Business cards
Post cards
Press kit/release for teaching, art shows, etc.
Promotional materials.
Then there is collecting and organizing feedback.
I have to oganize my business plan and work environment,
and oh yeah, make more art!

If I could only find about 4 more hours in the day.


Artsnark said...

If you find those extra hours, I'd love to know where you get em ;D

Congrats on your latest upwardly mobile trend!

Anonymous said...

You and I are in the same boat. I need to seriously revamp my current marketing plan, and it's a really overwhelming process.

I'm finishing up the Womenwise Marketing book proposal and am looking for someone to provide a sample marketing plan, so if you're willing to share yours when you're finished, I would be happy to give you some press in the book. Let me know!