Thursday, March 13, 2008

Trio of Gift Cards Pretty Please

lots going on: 1) busy listing on Etsy these days. among new things: a trio of tags are new on etsy- i like these girls- they have whimsical type: pretty, who are you, please.  clipping from an old child's reader. i also put together fabric scrap lots, and list the box of questions
2) i've been thinking about the ghost book in the car and i think it will tie into trees, family trees, roots, twisted old rose bushes, leaves.  i know what i want to do for the cover - that's always a step in the right direction....
3) I'm in an AB round robin. never done this type of thing before- the theme is women of courage. i'm having a hard time finding a book. i need to get to recycle north and look through their stuff tomorrow- cross your fingers
4) did two ATC trades for originals in my shop:  got two from Whimsy today. Wrenray has a great shop on etsy:
5) be looking for embellishment lots on ebay- especially for watch parts - stephanie and i are going to do a joint venture in crafty soon....

now i'm off to finish up gyspy- get a few sheets painted in my visual journal and start in on the reunion book....

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