Sunday, March 2, 2008

Transfering Over

In the next week weeks I will be reorganizing my internet life:

My Mixed Media life: craft fairs, gallery, shows, zne, book arts, etsy, etc will be the main thrust of this blog.

My Vintage Life: Careless Memories: my new etsy shop devoted to vintage clothing, will also be included here, until I get that completely up and running

My other life: family, friends, travel, mystical experiences will be the focus of Between the Worlds.

So that said:

here's some new ACEO's that I am posting on Esty in the next few days

I've also got a Collage Dream Pack and some new altered tins in the works

stay tuned

1 comment:

Lucy said...

Very nice start--looks like you've thought a lot about the direction you want to go in the upcoming future. My blogs are mostly about art and family life--although a good portion during 'thrifting' season will have some of my treasures I have collected.

Thanks for sharing your blog link on the etsy thread so I could visit you :)