Sunday, March 30, 2008

i remember you- WIP

it's 12:32am and i'm just finishing up for the night- this collage, my latest WIP- "i remember you"
7" by 10" is mounted on the cover of an old book. i've used a photo copy of one of the cabinet photos i bought earlier in the year. the tear of the state troopers is from an old national geographic.  the man is a figure that has been haunting me for a while. i knew i needed to us him- and all the other pieces that are in the collage- strangely assembled themselves on the work table.  

it still needs some blending and added color/texture. an embellishment or two. and a hanger on the back?  or set into a larger frame.

i've got a series of larger pieces in my head. this is the first of a set group.  more to come in the weeks ahead- i'm sure.  laura tells me that nectar's has a new art space and they would be interested in hanging my work- plus there is the SPA show deadline coming up.

this one was guided my something other than my conscious mind.  it was a little spooky in the studio tonight. enough with the ghost stories... time for bed.

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mary schweitzer said...

This piece is so poignant and almost melancholy. It touches a chord inside me. I can see why it would feel haunting while in the works. Beautiful work.