Friday, March 28, 2014

Collage Artist's Dream Kits + COUPON CODE

Yes! It's true. They are back. 

I have started a deep cleaning of my studio and storage and uncovered a mass of paper, old photos, and ephemera that just needs a new home. There's no getting around it. I have simply acquired more paper than I will ever be able to use... So that's good news for all you artists out there...It's time for you to get creative!

These packs are full of  materials that will get you inspired and chase the last bits of winter away...

I've assembled up paper packs and listed them on Etsy. They are packed with goodies. Full color prints, old cabinet cards, maps, illustrations and more.... All good paper dating from around 1880 to 1980. Although most of the paper is from 1900-1950. 

And to make this sale even more tempting, I am offering an additional 10% off the packs for my blog readers.... Yes, that means YOU! It's my way of saying thanks to you for hanging in there with me as transition into SPRING and all the changes Glimmering Prize is going to see.

Discount is good at ETSY only
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your purchase of any paper pack

Don't delay coupon code expires on April 15th

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Yes! It's true! I'm cleaning out the archives and making room for some new work in my studio.

All my birdhouses are specially priced on ETSY right now, 
and this just adds to the savings.

Don't delay. This offer end 2/28.

and cannot be used towards supplies, de-stash or barn board pieces.

Sunday, January 19, 2014




It's become a little addictive to me. I have incorporated this digital collection of images into my studio practice. I probably spend about 15 minutes a day, researching artists or art movements and then pinning images to inspiration boards. I collect and then go back and review them, thinking about why they move me and how the image influences the work. It's an interesting tool and I really enjoy the ease and organization it creates.

You can follow me on Pinterest and see some of the things that move me. (CLICK here for the link) These are my virtual "Mood" boards, so to speak. The most active board right now is "Canticle". I am in the early planning phase of a new project. These images speak to some of the elements, moods, colors, and themes that I am thinking about. You will see older boards, from my 1st three semesters in Grad School. 4th semester officially starts on Friday. The new board for all the artists I am bound to encounter in the next six months is sitting there anxiously awaiting to be filled.

Oh, yes... there is the obligatory food board. Everyone seems to have one, this one I use to collect new and interesting recipes. Many of which are vegetarian, with hopes that I can feed my newly turned veggie son.

I'll be starting a new board later today...  for my Etsy shop...Glimmering Prize. Yes, don't pass out. I'm in the process of reviving my Esty shop. Check back soon. (Really, I promise. Cross-my-heart-hope-to-die-stick-a needle-in-my-eye promise) That there will be all sorts of goodies listed on Etsy within the next month. Yes, it is a new year and I have to clean out my studio to make room for this huge new project I am doing. (Did i say it was huge? It's going to be huge.)

So, if you are looking for assemblage salvage, old books, little bits of this and that, or you just want a good deal on some artwork, stay tuned.  It's going to be an EPIC sale. Plus, for you insiders and faithful readers, there will be a very special discount. You don't want to miss it.

Alright...I have to get back to work. The studio is calling me.

Hope you are doing well. Keep the faith and stay creative!


Friday, August 9, 2013

Can I Carry the Weight of the Story?

Back from a very long hiatus.... 

(my apologies... life has gotten in the way of my blog, I'm sorry....)

this is what's new in the studio.........

I have been busy with this new project. Yes... I have been cementing books. Literarily, taking old, discarded books from the dump and dipping them in cement. (Ok, and other stuff. I can't tell you all my secrets. Right?) This project was prompted by a call for work by the curator at Artistree Gallery in Woodstock, VT. There are about 25 of these books are on display in the Books Unbound III show.  I think I may have totally blown Adrian's mind at this point.  I Have the feeling that he really didn't know what to make of them when I dropped them off a few weeks ago.

These books are definitely "unbound" and completely outside of what people consider as "book arts." At this point, I have plunged head first into sculpture, without really thinking about it.

So, after a great response to these books in the gallery and at my 3rd semester residency at VCFA, where I showed an additional 50 piled directly on the floor, I am preparing to continue the cementing process. It is a process that is meditative and restorative, completely pared down and simplified compared to anything that I have done in the past. There will be more of this to come... I promise you. 

So, now that I am home, back from my 10 day intensive at VCFA. Completely critiqued and ready to move forward.  

Another semester has officially started and the text books and reading assignments have started to pile in.  Wait to you hear all about what I am writing about this semester.

Hopefully, readers you are still there and willing to hear all about the research I will be doing this term. And, of course I will keep you updated on all the art... as it is being made. Successes and failures.

I leave you with a link to video, that I just finished edited last week. It's called, Dreamwalking.  This is the result of my husband gifting me a new computer and a FLIP camera. Hmmm... and to come completely transparent, most of the editing happened while I was sick in bed with a 101 degree temperature. 

Keep creating and stay true to yourself.
Yours in art!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Apparitional Experience COMING TO: Vintage Inspired Marketplace: FRIDAY: May 3

Apparitional Experience
New Photographs by Lorraine Reynolds

180 Flynn Avenue
Burlington, VT

On Display:

May 3rd to June 5th

FRIDAY May 3rd

Here's a little bit of information about the new exhibit I will be hanging next week in the gallery at Vintage Inspired Marketplace. I am really excited about this new body of work. It is the first time, outside of showing it at Vermont College, that this work has been shown to the public.

A majority of the photographs were taken during the fall when I was out and about in the state of VT photographing crumbling remains of buildings and farms. This process was featured in the Burlington Free Press in October of 2014. 
click for link to BFP article.
These photographs are peaceful, silent, still, resigned forms of evidence. They are monuments. They are tombstones.They serve as documentation of "what was." On the surface they are images of crumbling buildings but they speak to something else. They point to the thing that is missing. These abandoned spaces are without human habitation.  Beyond the images of decay and abandonment there is something there that we can't quite define. Its untraceable. Indistinguishable.

The place between seeing and knowing is imprecise and extremely hard to nail down. It is a location in the mind that is only mapped by the memory artist.  It can be as elusive as a phantom that comes and goes into view like a fog.  It resides in the dark corners of our cellars and the cobwebs of our attics. It finds refuge in the gaps of our memory and solace in our childhood reminiscence.  

We find the spirits of the past lingering in the landscapes of trauma deeply rooted with a permanence of the ground that has reclaimed it.  Crumbling buildings and ancient estates serve as sanctuary for the forgotten, the lost, and the unclaimed. The souls who haunt our present are constant reminders of a past we cannot escape. We are intertwined with these beings as they are a symbol of our own mortality and our need for our own personal histories to persist in the memories of others.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I just finished another run of prints on book covers... I did these last summer and I really love the process and the ghostly effects that I get. 

This afternoon I boxed up 80 prints to send to the TWIST gallery in Nashville, TN. I have a solo show that it opening there next weekend. I am so excited and honored to be in this space.  It's a great space and I am looking forward to visiting later next month.

I also think I will be showing these in the Books Unbound Vol. 3 Show in Woodstock later this summer. I was really happy with the new diptych method I accomplished with some of the prints. The exposed binding and linking the two prints together  really does something for me. What do you think? Sometimes you just have to try something new.

This is just two of the groupings I've completed. 
I'll post more in the week to come. (I promise)
Be Well and Stay Creative!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

class schedule: work in progress

This year I have a very limited teaching schedule. Last month I taught a fantastic group of women at Vintage Inspired Marketplace. we worked on altered books and had a great time making altered book. Mary and I are working on putting together another class for May or June, probably another offering of the Doll Shrine class I taught at Art-Is-You in October.

The only other class this year  is down on the New Jersey shore at Kecia Deveney's studio Lemoncholy.
I'm really excited about teaching this program.
It is a a special 2 Day Version of my popular
the cost for the two days is only $220
JULY 13 and 14th.
Space is limited and  reservations are needed in advance.

Check out Kecia's website for more information.