Sunday, March 23, 2008

Marry Me? and Martha

Had a productive day in the studio yesterday.
Hopefully today will be just as good, although I do have to bake a desert and make a side dish for Easter Dinner.  And clean the house, oi! Looks like a Bomb went off here.

Here's the ACEOS that I finished.

I'm going to make print of these for sure.

I have another altered altoid box to photograph-Silence Keeping. That should be done later this morning.  I'll get them all up on Etsy later today.

Been putting together fabric scraps bags to sell too, listed some of those. 

And another Collage Artist Dream Pack- that sold overnight, 
I have three more to photograph today. They go fast!


Kathy~Vintage Snaps & Scraps said...

Great ACEO's. I love Marry Me. I need to get myself to "do" men more You packets are stunning, if I bought one, I would never use it. They are pretty to just look at.
Looking forward to the shrine too. I love making those, I recently did one as a primitive pin keep, another one on the table in progress for my website.

Hey Harriet said...

Beautiful artwork. I especially love your ACEOs. Super cool!

Denise said...

I could stay here just to listen to the music!