Monday, March 10, 2008

busy weekend-Gyspy (WIP) & New Cards

been working on etsy stuff all weekend
got into an aceo/atc trade with some of the great gals in the forum, can't wait to get my goodies

sorted tons and tons of scrap fabric to list as lots - already have one person in line for the purple batch, which just might be one of my faves

finished a batch of tags, will probably list one or two sacks on etsy and bring the rest over to the tiny acorn

and started this new project that has been incubating in me for a bit... it's in a tiny slipper that i found a few summers ago, she's almost done, needs embellishment and for the glue to dry:

she's call my gypsy'll have to wait to see the pix- the mac is being, well difficult....

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Caroline said...

Sounds like a productive weekend!