Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Off to see the wizard

My eldest son school is putting on a production of the Wizard of Oz in the spring and they have asked me to help design and build costumes. I am very lucky, because I got to pick the characters I wanted to work on- and of course they are all the dark and complicated ones: The Witch, the flying monkey and the witch guards. I will also be doing Glinda- the "good" witch-
I love doing fantasy pieces and it will be a fantastic challenge to make all these on a very limited budget- but I'm up for it! I love a good winter long project to get me through the darkening days.

Speaking of which, our days are starting to shorten and Halloween is coming. The boys have settled on costume ideas- Henry wants to be Sweeney Todd and Jack wants to be a Warrior. He saw this crazy battle ax and he was inspired. Henry has been singing Sweeney Todd since we saw the movie last winter-He will be a very "over the top" Mr Todd, I'm sure.


blackfeatherfarm said...

You will have to post photos of your work on the production ! Oh, and the zombie walk cracked me up, I never heard of such a thing - so funny !

Xylia said...

I agree! Pictures! And a Zombie Walk! See all the exclamation marks? I get embarrassingly giddy this time of year.

Xylia said...

Oh, and yummmmm to the last picture. Swoon.

Patti said...

We did Oz when I was in school and I really wanted to be Dorothy! I wasn't cool enough then to realize how much better it was playing the Wicked Witch of the West. I really enjoyed melting though:)
Love your zombie walk photos - we do a Thriller Walk here and it's too dark, and crowded, for good photos so I enjoyed yours.