Monday, October 6, 2008

Catching Up and Making Good

It's been a little nutty the past three weeks- moving and all-
Finally we are in one spot, living in the new house. There's still lots of boxes to unpack- My workroom needs to get set back up again- it's going to be a little crazy for a while- But things are looking up!

What a fantastic day! I popped into Artists Medium to pick up a new tub of Golden Gel Medium and some Quinacridone Nickel AZo Gold and found out about their upcoming recycled materials show- My AB's will fit right in and I'm definitely going to put some new works in.

I met Michele, who puts together the demos and classes- We talked a little about Altered Books, they were giving away some cool old books at the counter. She asked me if I would be interested in doing an altered book promo over the winter. Of course, I said yes.

When I got home, Rebecca at Urban Alchemist had sent over the mock up of the promo postcard for their "DEATH by DESIGN" Show.

I'm one of the four feature artists in the Macabre Halloween Themed Show-

I guess my work is a little spooky-

They are having a reception on Friday October 24th

The other featured artists are:
Michael Paige Glover/painter.
~ Psychological themes which hint at the darker side of the human condition.
Outlaws of the Border
~ window installation, mixed media art, and old world inspired photography.
~ Post-Apocalyptic-Victorian inspired accessories.
There will be live music at 7pm! Saw and Accordion player, poison punch and ghoulish treats!
Now that I have thrown my blog a lifeline- I need to get to work on Linda Bean's Altered Book- that I am terribly behind one- I hope she can forgive me for being so late! Between the move and building costumes for Marrowbone- and life itself- something had to fall behind. Sorry Linda.

Got to run!

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Kathy said...

Congrats to you! Bask in the glow girl! Your work is not is awesome! Of course I love maybe it is, lol.
So happy for you!