Saturday, October 18, 2008


Burlington Freecycle

In these hard economic times I try what ever way I can to be thrifty. Making ends meet is challenging, but there is something very rewarding about coming up with creative ways to furnish our home and have all the things we need to live comfortably at the same time, reducing our "carbon footprint." Recycle, Reuse and Repurpose is our mantra. We try to pratice whenever possible.

I re purpose old things to make new ones- clothing, household items, furniture, etc. I buy second hand, iIsell my used and vintage items on consignment or to resale shops, read used books and/or use the library. I love treasure hunting at thrift store and rummage sales, but the thing I think I love the most is FREECYCLE. I belong to a local Freecycle group here in the greater Burlington area. I have gotten rid of so many usable items to people who needed them. This was a blessing last month when we were moving. On the other side of the recycling circle, I have been the recipient of many wonderful pieces as well. A cell phone charger (to replace the one I killed in China) a laundry sorter, clothing and shoes for every member of my family, costume items for Nightfires, books, tins, tins and more tins, and today... two fabulous chairs for our new house! I was just saying how our living room needed a comfy chair with an ottoman- and then *poof!* there it was posted on freecycle and (miraculously) I was the first person to respond. I love how that happens!

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Gallery Juana said...

Freecycle is a great idea and sounds like fun. The chair you got looks nice too. Glad the timing was perfect for you.