Thursday, September 13, 2012

Vanishing Vermont: Wallingford

We happened on this place a few weeks ago on our way to Manchester. Completely gutted on the inside, the grounds are totally overgrown, looks like someone started restoring it as a project and then gave up.
Form the looks of it, I'd guess it was a mercantile or country store. The sign above the door dates it to 1835. There's several layers of siding that has been pulled away. I'm hoping that whomever ultimately restores this place will find a way to keep the pre-war billboard on the north side of the building.


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deb said...

Hmmm my brother lives in Wallingford as dd my father..,thought I. Was familiar with most f it. What road is this on! Pm please!

glimmering prize said...

it's on rt 7 heading south past the town, might be considered south wallingford. its about 7 miles north of danby, if i remember correctly. you may not have ever noticed it, because i think the billboard was hidden under layers of siding.