Monday, September 24, 2012

Vanishing Vermont: Middletown Springs

I am still sorting through all the photos I took about two weeks ago when I was out and about in Rutland County and Granville, NY. As long as your are interested, I will keep sharing my pictures of timeworn beauty.  I think I may have taken almost 600 photos that weekend. That's lots of editing. I'm going to keep chiseling out time to go through them all, location by location.  

This little installment is represents some shots that I took on our way from Middleton Springs to Wallingford. I really like taking t back roads, because you get to see all sorts of wonderful sites. I feel very lucky we had such a beautiful day to go out and explore. 

We stopped at the Mineral Springs Park to check out the Head Springs monument. At one point in the 1850s and 1860s curing waters of newly discovered mineral springs prompting the development of huge hotels and resorts in some of the most remote Vermont locations. Middletown Spring is one such village. The old hotel that sat along the bank of the Poultney River is gone, but the Historical Society has created a sweet little park to mark the location of the Old head spring. You can actually collect water there, although I don't know if what healing effects you might feel.

While we didn't get to see ruins of an old hotel, we did catch some wonderful visions of decay and abandonment on our trek to East to Wallingford. The goldrod was in full bloom lending color to the fields around us. Although the leaves are turning now, they were lush and green only two weeks ago. 

I hope you enjoy this little part on the journey. Until next time....


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