Sunday, September 2, 2012


This past weekend, I have been out in the greater Rutland and Addison county area with camera in hand. It's been a very productive couple of days. I think I have shot well over 400 photos. That said, I have a ton of editing to do. I'll have more photos real soon. I am going to start with some touring we did in Poultney.

In this sleepy little town with it's tree-lines streets and slow paced life, College Street full of grand homes ranging from the 1830s to 1900s. (Some homes in East Poultney are even older than this, dating back to I believe BEFORE the Revolutionary War.)

Some of these old stately residences are being restored and put to good use... others like this old antiques shop are falling into ruins. Poultney came appear to be a picture perfect Vermont college town. But, there is also something not quite right with Poultney, off the beaten path, with only about 3,600 permanent residents. It's as if the town is caught in the past. To say that there is a dark undercurrent to this outwardly serene town would not be a stretch, either. Spend enough time here and you'll find it's a little warped, like Twin Peaks or the Outer Limits. College Street has been the scene of at least 2 grizzly and completely unrelated murders in the past 10 years. Maybe its all the old architecture and overall Gothic feel. Edgar Allen Poe, might have felt very at home here.

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Thanks! Lorraine

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deb said...

We were married in East Poultney. Wonderful little town.