Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ghost Stories: Opening Reception Sunday October 2nd

I just got home from Stowe, where I finished hanging my show:
Ghost Stories at the Thompson Gallery, inside the Black Cap Coffee Roasters. The building that the coffee shop is in is really old and has lots of funky charm. The walls in the gallery space are not quite straight and the floor slopes a little here and there. That's what I really love about the room.  It's narrow, crooked nature. It's almost like you are in Alice in Wonderland. My pieces, fit right in perfectly. 

Plus to be honest, I think there might be a spirit or two hanging around (and I don't mean the ones in my art work, either.) You will have to come by and check it out for yourself.

The wonderfully talented Natasha Bogar helped me hang it all and we were done in record time. I am really looking forward to the opening reception on Sunday. Hope to see you there!
Opening Reception:
October 2
Black Cap Coffee Roasters
144 Main Street 
Stowe, VT


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