Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Snow and Shows

I woke up this morning to light snow showers. The light flurries quickly accumulated to 2". The morning rush hour turned interested with cars sliding off the road. The temperature out side has dropped so the chance of the white stuff hanging around is pretty high. It's good for the mountain resorts especially with Thanksgiving weekend around the corner.

Living in Vermont where winter lasts from November to April, you get used to the snow and the cold. It might take a squall or two, but you eventually find a balance between you and nature.

And speaking of balance, I have been putting more art back into my life, little by little. It's taken a while since we moved. My studio/workroom is still not set up yet. I've been working on some new books in the dining room. I still have to sort through piles of images that I've somehow accumulated over the past few years. I'm going to do a few give aways on my blog. Some lucky person will win a parcel full of collage materials.

Then there is the Middlebury Actor's Workshop. They contacted me to design, a three women show, On The Verge. The production opens in March, which give me some time to get everything done. With my responsibilities at home and work, it's the only way I could have agreed to do it. The play is about three Victorian women who stumble upon time travel while they are exploring the globe. Thinking some steam punk influence here. We'll see.


Xylia said...

I miss snow. We rarely have it in the part of the UK I'm in now. The show you'll be doing sounds fascinating!

High Desert Diva said...

Design as in set design? The show sounds so intriguing. I love the idea of a Steampunk influence...

Gunnels blog said...

We have cold and little little snow here also in Sweden today! I llive in Gothenburg, th esouth of Sweden and with the sea, so we have not so much snow, but a long and cold winter, I don´t like it, but what can I do ?
Thanks for visit and comment on my blog, I am glad you like my fabric collag :-) I do love collage! But I am a fabric person, and I can´t do collage with only paper, I had to have fabric too :-)
Have a nice wekeend!