Saturday, October 22, 2011

oh october, where did you go.

This month has probably been one of the busiest I've had in a long time.  Today is the 20th, I feel like I am just catching my breath. (actually, it's now the 22nd, and i am desperately trying to finish this blog post.)

With 11 days to go, 9 days left in October, lets see where I am.

Ghost Stories @ Black Cap
I opened a solo show, Ghost Stories, in Stowe, @ Black Cap Coffee on Sunday the 3rd.  WHOO!

We had a pretty good turn of for the reception, considering the rain.

I had some old friends pop in to say hi, as well as some new ones. I really enjoy meeting people as they come to look at the work, answer their questions and tell them the stories behind the pieces.

ArtSeenVT came by the show and posted some lovely shots of the work on their site.
Thanks so much Anahi for the plug.
Her photos are MUCH better than mine. Make sure you check out her link.

On Monday Oct 4th, I found out that I was the winner of the People's Choice Award for the ART HOP's Juried Show. Needless to say, I was completely floored. What an honor!

I am so grateful to everyone who voted for my fear piece. Thank you all ever so much!

Litany Against Fear- People's Choice
I handed off five other pieces to Christy Mitchel on Wednesday, the morning I left for Art-Is-You. She put them together in a show for all the winners of the juried show. I was kind of bummed that I was away for the opening reception. I have been so busy that I haven't even had a chance to get over to SEABA's office/gallery to see all the winner's representative work. But, Christy says it looks great, so I will take her word for it. She always does an amazing job hanging my work.

Also, on Monday 10/4, I dropped off Rosebud and Poor Dolly to Beth Robinson, (yes the creator of Strange Dolls) for the third annual Art of Horror show @ the SPACE gallery.  I heard that the opening was amazing!! A huge turn out!!  Beth and Kevin posted a ton of pictures on Facebook. I am so glad they did. (These days, I am living vicariously through other people's photos. I feel like I haven't taken enough. So thank you everyone for sharing your pix!)

Wednesday, after dropping off my work at the SEABA gallery space, I headed home and loaded up the van. Fighting off a cold, I made my way to Danbury to teach @ Art-Is-You. It was my first time participating @ a retreat like this. I really didn't know what to expect. But basically, I had my sock blown off.

The students in my classes were just fantastic! They all did a great job with their projects and I feel like we all had some great  take-aways. I am so looking forward to teaching there again next year. I have so wonderful ideas of classes to teach in 2012. Thank you everyone for your feedback and wonderful work in the workshops!

On top of teaching, I got to meet so many amazing, creative people.

Nancy Leftko, Seth Apter & me
There was the lovely, talented and extremely funny Sue Pelletier, who kept me sane on day 2 with her sardonic wit.

Sue is down to earth, courageous and strong. I love her TO pieces.  She has been a guiding light for me in the mixed media art world. I don't know where I would be without her.

Keith LoBue & moi!
pam & nancy

I also was able to finally met Pam Carriker and Nancy Leftko, two other mixed media artists, whom I have know from Etsy (and later FB) for a number of years now.   
Keith LoBue, who I have admired from afar for years, made my acquaintance in the stairwell, the first morning while we were evacuating the building for a fire alarm.
andrea matus

I ended up spending some of my down time with Keith, catching up with my old friend Michael DeMeng, hanging out with Andrea Matus (who shares a love of the tarot with me) and Richard Salley.

I cannot forget Seth Apter, the man behind the Altered Page, (and a very talented artist, as well) who was there @ the vending day.We probably could have talked for hours, about art, work and NYC, but there WAS art to be sold on Sunday. And I was crazy busy vending.

jodi ohl
Last but not least, there is my new BFF, Jodi Ohl. She has been a cyber-friend for years now. We first met via Etsy and have kept up conversations via Facebook and email ever since. She is an incredibly vibrant, brave woman, who makes wonderful art (and is an inspirational teacher, too boot.) When she finally arrived to Art-Is-You, after some crazy mishaps and adventures, we had a grand time and raised hell whenever we could.  That's how we roll.

I came back to VT on Monday 10/10. And I feel like I have hardly had a moment's rest.

Since then...

I've been to a bunch of estate sales, caught up with work at my day job, been picking and collecting costume pieces for 2011 Nightfires, helped with the Boy Scout Popcorn fundraisers, walked with Jacko in Making Strides against Breast Cancer.... and well tomorrow, Miss Adrienne and I are headed to Montreal to see my one of my favorite bands play @ the Bell Center.(I'll let you guess who.)

Did all that make you tired? I hope not. I hope you can keep up with me. There's more AMAZING things happening in NOVEMBER. Really fantastic things... Oh and DON'T forget... I'm teaching @ Artist's Medium next SATURDAY 10/29. There's still a few spaces open. But act soon. You don't want to miss out!

jodi ohl
Right, I know... You're asking... when does she sleep? Sometimes, I ask myself the same question.


Seth said...

What a great and amazing month you had. I hope that November is equally as good. Loved seeing the photos from Art is You. So great to have met you there!

Jodi Ohl said...

Holy cow woman you are a superstar--how did you keep up with October??? Can you say AMAZING?! I loved having a chance to 'roll' with you for the weekend, it was a blast and then some :))) You kept me sane! Sorry about the blow dryer ;) And I do have to say that seeing your work in person really was fantastic, pictures just don't do it just with all the details and stories that unfold with each and every piece. Here's to an awesome November. Rock on my friend! xoxo your NEW BFF :)

Pam McKnight said...

Lorraine, Love your work...found your blog thru artfest site- am considering going...guess I better decide since this is the last one!