Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ghost Stories-Mixed Media Shrine Workshop at Seminary Arts

Ghost Stories-
Creating Mixed Media Shrines from found objects
Saturday October 30th 9 am to 4 pm
Waterbury Center, VT
Workshop fee: $75 (plus small materials fee)

Whether it’s an old family photo or grandmother’s rocking chair, we’ve all felt the presence of someone long gone when we encounter their things - the imprint they leave behind after possessing an object for a long period of time…the aftereffects that are left behind in and around the objects of our daily lives. It may be just a fleeting memory, a faint electric impulse that jolts us into thinking, into feeling that person’s wordless presence, but it is there. The ghost of a person, left behind in the yellowed paper, the cracked leather, the worm-eaten wood.

These objects, these things once had owners. They were bought and sold, made and broken. Some of them were kept and treasured, while others were forgotten in attics. Each has a story to tell, whether it is in the voice of young girl or the whisper of an old woman.

This workshop will lead you through the process of creating a unique work of art from artifacts. You will learn to gleam the story from found objects and create a unique work of art. Explore your own imagination to find the ghost in old things and bring forth their tales in a 3 dimensional form.


The most important thing you bring is a hinged, closeable box, like a cigar box, jewelry box, old tin box or something similar- the top should be able to stay open. This will be the foundation for your shrine, so make sure it is something you are willing to work with.

The rest is the filler:

Old photos, something personal to you or complete strangers, just some that strike you. (Make color copies of your old photos at Staples if you don’t want to alter the originials)

Ephemera, Old photos, postcards, cards, letters, etc.

Fabric, lace, ribbon, trim you find interesting –

Small picture frames, found objects, like clock parts, gears, typewriter parts.
Small figurines, dolls parts, game pieces, toys, household items, etc. Bring things that you are drawn too.

Also bring:
Any Acrylic pants you might want to use
Paint Brushes (a couple small detail brushes, and some cheap brushes (1/2 inch to 1 inch in size)
Basic Tools like pliers, scissors

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