Sunday, August 22, 2010

Abandoned Inspiration

Recently, I have been obsessed with abandoned buildings. It amazing me how beautiful dwellings can be forgotten along old roads and left to ruin. On our way to Pennsylvania, we drove through the Catskills. When you drive along the back roads, you see all the glory of days gone by. It seems that people no longer vacation in these mountains or along the small lakes and ponds that abide here.  Almost every town we drove through had crumbling cottages and broken down old hotels that mark a time of previous opulence.

My latest work, has also been about dwellings. A collection of small houses and boxes have been taking up residence on my work table. This new series of what I call "soul houses" will be on display in October for my show at Seminary Arts, but I wanted to share with you a sample of what's to come.

The discarded house forms, some as small as 3" tall and others as large as 2 feet wide, are being transformed into a chambers that capture the sadness and beauty of a lost moment in time. Like the stately hotels and camps along those old back roads, these little houses might be a little haunted and beckon you to find out more.


Liz-AnnasOnTheLake said...

Lorraine, this is really beautiful and I love your idea for a whole body of work on the topic. For some reason the picture of that old abandoned house/hotel really makes me feel sad. For something so beautiful to no longer be of use to anyone doesn't feel right.

Jessie said...

Beautiful piece of work, Lorraine! I feel the same way about the old grandeur of those old abandoned homes and structures. Kind of makes you wonder what happened along the way.

ArtSnark said...

great piece! Wonderful vibe

starrynightimpressions said...

Gorgeous pieces!
As always!
Love the photo of the old abandoned house too. I seem to be pulled in by old barns.

janice said...

I too am fascinated with abandoned mansions,I always wonder what happened that such beautiful homes were left to fall apart.