Saturday, January 16, 2010

the artist's way

i have started reading the artist way's by julia cameron, again. i have to admit the first time i started the book, which is really a 12 week course, i didn't give it i fighting chance, at all. i skimmed through the first few chapters, thinking, that's not me, or that's sort of dumb, i'm not doing that, etc. i put up a ton of obstacles. but lately, i have been caught in these waves of artist's blocks and divine inspiration. and when i am inspired i have not been able to act upon the spark. i am in need of a way out of this cycle. something to help me get my creative process on track.

so, when cameron's book, which was buried in my reading pile at my bedside, had some how made it to the top during one of my cleaning, purging moments i started to think i might give it another chance. it sat there begging me to open the cover and try again. so with nothing to lose i decided to give it another chance.
last night, i read chapter one again, and commitment myself to start the daily journal writing process, she calls the morning pages. my notebook sits open beside the computer and the cup of coffee patiently waiting for me to stop blogging and get down to the unblocking. the sun is shining and my day is full of potential (and things to do) so i need to get moving on this, before the motivation is gone.
during the next few weeks, i will keep you posted on the progress, for good or naught, the book may bring. i would love to hear what other people had done, are doing to kick start their creative self, to nurture the artist within, to unveil the potential. or if you have read ms cameron's book, liked it, hated it, what have you. wishing you a creative, joyful day!


ArtSnark said...

I did the same thing the 1st time around. Perhaps I should dig it out & give a second chance also

Holly Dean said...

I have had a few "go's" at The Artist's Way. It is always worth the journey, whether you go the whole way or not.
I have been into all sorts of art inspiring things since the start of this year - check out my blog at:
Happy well-filling (: