Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Down the rabbit hole

I have been thinking a lot about Alice in Wonderland lately. When a friend suggested the very Merry Un-birthday party as a theme for our summer soiree, I had to say, my ears perked up. It was probably a combination of her singing the Very Merry Un-birthday song and my own crazy-steampunk aesthetic at created the spark.

I love the idea of mixing up an Victorian lawn party, with a little badminton and croquet with a crazy drunken Mad Hatter Tea.

Maybe a pink Flamingo or two (or three.) I've been surfing the net looking for Alice in Wonderland inspired images. I've been doing a little research on Lewis Carol and started reading the original Alice In Wonderland. I've been collecting mixed up tea cups and saucers, planning a garden party inspired menu.
If only I could get my hands on a old silk top hat.

Suddenly, I find that serendipity would seem to have it's way. A few days ago Izabella Pierce, a wonderful mixed media artist i know, posted info about another artist who had recently hosted a cyber Mad Hatter tea party. A Fanciful Twist, is the blog of VanessaValencia, another inspired artist and creative soul. Vanessa's Blog is full of amazing eye candy. Great lovely images of dreamy days and fanciful adventures.

Another woman with a fanciful point of view is Jo Anderson, Old Flowers 4 me. This lovely lass, hails from the land down under and creates such a dreamy world around her. I am completely in love with her blog. She lives with such joy and whimsy. The delight she brings forth to her blog is terrific!

I am so stoked to get my party game on and make it a real event.
I've got lots of ideas percolating in my crazy little head and praying that the weather decides to clear up, it's been too cold and rainy in our part of the world, up here in the green mountain state.


ArtSnark said...
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ArtSnark said...

Dang - bad link let me try again. Just wanted to say check out this cool top hat

glimmering prize said...

nice! Stacey!

Alisa Nordholt-Dean said...

I love it...are you sending something in to Somerset for the Alice in Wonderland call? Love that photo taken by Lewis Carroll of Mary Rankin...even if it is controversial.