Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lake Champlain Quadricentennial

2009 marks the 400th anniversary of French explorer, Samuel de Champlain discovering the lake that now bears his name. The year long celebration has many events planned for people to celebrate the Lake, the People and the Land surrounding it.

The Book Arts Guild of VT is creating a 4x4 flag book to help commemorate the event- So members are challenge to create 3 pages representing the Lake, the Land and the People. Burlington City Arts is sponsoring a juried fine art festival on the Burlington Waterfront. The festival is open to artist who's primary residence and live within 100 miles of the lake.

There will be all sorts of other interesting heritage festivals and events. But I am super excited about the Art possibilities! I'm shooting to get my 4x4 pages done by the end of the month and enter for the juried show.

I also was contacted today, but the lovely and fair Minyele Glogowski, of Nook & Cranny Gift Shop. She and her mom have a seasonal B&M shop up in the islands. They are going to be expanding their product line and taking some of my pieces on consignment. I've got a bunch of nautical altered pieces planned to go along with the whole Lake Champlain celebration. (check back to see what I come up with.) Seems to me this summer is full of possibilities!

I just want to thank a good friend of mine, Jodi Ohl, for helping me to change my POV this week and think about all the possibilities that are out there! There are immensely good things on the horizon.

Thanks, Jodi! You're the best!


PCarriker said...

Beautiful pictures, and many congrats on the consignment. I just love it when you are feeling blue and something like that comes up unexpectedly. Revives the creative spirit for sure.

BarkerBell Herbs and Heirlooms said...

Congratulations on the consignment! Isn't it fabulous when great things seem to happen out of the blue?

ArtSnark said...

Very cool! Sounds like you're coming out of winter "hibernation" ;D

glimmering prize said...

yep -
i would definitely call it that Stacey!